Tackle burnout before it happens,

in real time

Get actionable suggestions for both organizations and employees to prevent burnout before it's too late.


Act now with real-time data.


Privacy by design: only anonymous data will be used for analysis and reporting.

Why does burnout matter?


The global pandemic has only made it worse

35 million people could develop a new behavioral health condition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A potential 50% increase in the prevalence of behavioral health conditions could lead to $100 billion to $140 billion of additional spend in the first 12 months post-onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

77% of employees

experience burnout at their current job

34% of annual salary

  is lost for employees experiencing burnout due to disengagement

Burnout has also been associated with psychological issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as physical issues such as cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes.

Ahola, 2007, 2010

ROI 11:1

A digital well-being platform for organizations & employees

Combine the power of A.I. and modern psychology to put an end to this workplace crisis

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Transform your organization with evidence-based insights

  • Assess the health of your organization

  • Identify risk groups and risk factors 

  • Actionable advice to prevent burnout and increase engagement

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Be aware of the risk of burnout and take ownership of their well-being

  • Burnout risk tracking using scientific questionnaire and workplace data 

  • Personalised health advice towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Take effective actions to support your team members

  • Spot warning signs of burnout

  • Discover the underlying causes

  • Tailored advice on team support

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Data connections

We leverage data from your workplace tools to recognize well-being trends and pinpoint potential underlying causes of burnout in real time.

Privacy by design: only anonymous data will be used for analysis and reporting.

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